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​Heath's Greenhouse and Nursery




Socialization in those early formative weeks/months plays a critical role in the training of a confident puppy who will respond positively to humans. Healthy puppies are naturally playful and curious about the world they live in. The more experiences they are exposed to, the more knowledgeable they become. A socialized puppy is a confident puppy who feels good about himself/herself. She trusts her human companion and enjoys learning new things. A well socialized puppy will be more likely to learn what is accepted as normal and be able to learn good from bad and right from wrong. 

Later, we will discuss in more detail about puppy "imprinting"

Glasgowhill's Mr. Irrestible "Mister"

Sired Rosie and our girls

Callie, (shown above) is

full sister to Rosie (Jazebel)

Sired by Glasgowhill's Mr. Irresistbile


Rosslane Marnus Most Of All

Sadie, (shown above) is half sister to

Rosie (Jazebel)

Sired by Glasgowhill's Mr. Irresistible 

Marmaduke Billboard close to Chicago, IL

Rosie, plays Jezebel in the 2010 Marmakduke Movie.  Rosie is full sister to our Callie
and half sister to our Sadie Sue - sired by Mister
(Rosie is the sable color collie shown on the billboard)

Thank you Linda of Garlind Ridge Collies
and Dick & Carol whom photographed and supplied the photo to Garlind Ridge Collies.  




We raise and breed AKC Rough Coat collies for health, beauty and temperament, in the gorgeous White Mountains of Sugar Hill, New Hampshire (NH). We breed occasionally according to our waiting list. We just love raising collie puppies! 


We own and operate a home based business, Heath's Greenhouse & Nursery - Organic Farm. 

Our collies are part of our family. We pride ourselves in raising them in our home and on our organic farm. We free choice feed; an organic dog food diet.

All of our litters are AKC registered. We don't just sell our puppies! We adopt them out to good homes.

We screen all potential buyers. Very seldom will you see a puppy available on our website, as we breed for our waiting list applicants only. To ensure all of our puppies will have a forever home before they are even born.


View our PUPPIES page for information on how you can adopt a highland collie.

Our waiting list is long, but feel free to go on the list for a future puppy. We encourage you to look into other local reputable breeders as another option. We are happy to refer you to one so you can go on their list also. Please advise.

Famous Dog Quotes​
"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love in mydogs eyes."

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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Highland  Collies

"Your Northeast, All Natural Collie Breeder"

Proud Members of 
Collie Health Foundation & Collie Club Of America

We are no longer breeding at this time.

Email us for referral 


  • Our collies are raised in our home and on our organic farm
  • We breed for health, beauty and temperament
  • All puppies are CEA & PRA carriers and/or non carriers (hereditary eye diseases)
  • We MDR1 Test for drug sensitivity
  • We produce collies with great temperaments.  And socialize them from birth, this is called imprinting
  • We free choice feed; an organic dog food. Our collies have food and water at all times
  • We give our puppies and collies NuVet Plus, an all natural canine supplement to strengthen their immune system and protect them from disease
  • We believe in natural rearing. And minimal vaccinations (very important for their immune system). We follow Dr. Jean Dodd's Vaccination protocol
  • We give our puppies and collies all natural, human grade diatomaceous earth as a safe, natural and effective way to keep them parasite free. By using no chemicals 
  • We also give them kelp meal to promote a healthy thyroid balance and assists in removing tartar and plaque for healthier teeth and gums. We also give them raw beef bones on occasion to assist in cleaning their teeth
  • We trust that our puppy buyers will continue to give them the same love and care that we do. To protect them from disease and over vaccination. And also to help boost their immune system with a healthy diet to keep them happy and healthy.
  • We will always be here to assist our Highland Collie families

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